We recently read a question that was posted on the Etherbun group wondering what a binky was, and asking for an explanation. Another group member replied: “A binky is a jump,dance,twist that lasts a few seconds. It is a sign of a happy and content rabbit. They do not happen everyday, but when you seeĀ  your rabbit binky you’ll smile.”

Although we suspect that most owners of house rabbits are very familiar with binkies, we also are confident that this display of exuberance is always enjoyable to behold, so we posted a couple of our favorite binky videos from YouTube.

The first one shows bunny Billy doing binkies on a bed…

A tiny Holland lop binkies, but won’t share Cheerios with the big cat…

And finally, very bouncy Bailey does one of the most impressive binkies we’ve ever seen…

One of our rabbits, a brown lop (who looks very much like Babbitty of Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club fame) used to binky a lot more before he was bonded with his current partner, a big female rex. We think his binkies used to be practice moves for a fight he anticipated but never materialized. He would jump into the air, do a half turn and then kick out his feet as if he was warding off an invisible attacker. We called it his “Ninja move.” The reality is that no human can truly fathom exactly what is going on inside the head of a long-eared lagomorph. Still, there is no denying that a binky is a rare and wonderful sight.

Here is a link to more information about understanding rabbit behavior that includes more details about binkies. http://www.fuzzy-rabbit.com/behaviourfaq.htm

Photo: J. Pockele


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