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Bonding rabbits can cause them stress, which may be harmful to their physical as well as psychological health.

We recently heard about bunny people who are using Flower Essences during the bonding process to help keep their rabbits more relaxed. Read more

Missouri breeder charged with abuse

The rabbit breeder who had more than 200 animals removed from her property last month has now been charged with abuse. 75-year old Velma Muessemeyer, of Parkway Village, was charged with 21 counts of animal abuse based on reports filed with the prosecuting attorney’s office by the Missouri Humane Society. Read more

Tips for traveling with rabbits

pet-strollerSome bunnies love to go out and about, while others are more timid about travel. If you have outgoing rabbits, here are some suggestions on making it easier for both you and your pet rabbit to to exploring.  Read more

Jail time for abusive rabbit breeder

brown-rabbit-cageA rabbit breeder in Aptos near Santa Cruz, California will serve time in jail after having been convicted of animal abuse. Mario Albert De La Garza was sentenced to 90 days in jail and five years probation after a jury found him guilty of not taking proper care of more than 100 rabbits. Read more

Kid’s tent helped ease bunny move

closedBy Robert Scheer

We recently moved 1,000 kilometers across the country, a re-settlement made more challenging because our two house rabbits do not like riding in the car. They will not eat nor drink, whether the vehicle is moving or parked. Read more

Please do not trance your rabbits

trance-David-O.Putting rabbits into a hypnotic-like trance is known in some circles as “bunny bliss” but in fact the opposite is true. Trancing a rabbit is now believed to be putting the bunny into such a profound state of fear that is becomes paralyzed. Read more

Grow herbs as treats for your rabbits

basilHere are some tips on growing your own treats that bunnies will love. It’s actually a promotion for an event in Pittsburgh, but even if you don’t live in the area, you can still get inspiration for doing a bit of gardening that your rabbits will appreciate. Read more

Healthy diets for house rabbits

purple_sageWhether you are an experienced house rabbit parent or are just starting out and thinking about how to provide your bunny (or bunnies) a healthy diet without breaking your budget, here is some good information Read more

Fat Ralph weighs 50 pounds

M and Y News AgencyRalph has regained the dubious title of World’s Fattest Rabbit, weighing in at 3 stone, 8 pounds. With one stone equalling 14 pounds, that’s 50 lbs. Ralph, a Continental Giant, lives in Uckfield, East Sussex, UK. Read more

Helping to keep your pets safe

pets_insideWhat would happen to your pets if, for some reason, you were not able to return home to look after them? Have you made emergency plans? Here is a helpful tip: Carry an Animal Alert card with you. Read more