The annual Bunny Festival in Santa Barbara California is being held this coming Sunday, September 23, organized by Bunnies Urgently Needing Shelter (BUNS). The event features adoptable rabbits, veterinarian visits and a lagomorph lounge. To encourage people to attend and consider getting a house rabbit for a pet, the Santa Barbara Independent News published an article by Rabbit Advocate founder, Mary Lempert, that gives ten good reasons why rabbits — and in particular rescued ones — make great pets:

  1. Rabbits are the perfect pets for those who may not have time for daily walks, but still seek the social quality of a dog-like companion.
  2. Like cats, rabbits can be litter box trained very easily. Many people who are allergic to dogs and cats are not allergic to rabbits.
  3. Rabbits are uniquely talented comedians. They “binky”—or hop and kick—when they’re happy. Some rabbits also flop over and play dead like a dog would!
  4. Rabbit schedules match up with people schedules. Our furry friends are most active at dawn and dusk, which corresponds well with the times most of us are starting our day or getting home from work and ready for some couch snuggling or binky watching.
  5. Rabbits help you get healthy. As herbivores, rabbits mesh well with vegetarian and vegan lifestyles. Generally speaking, though, having a pet that encourages you to stock your fridge with fruits and vegetables is good for everybody—vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.
  6. Rabbits make great pets for city dwellers. They happily stay in large cages or puppy pens during the day when you’re gone and love to come out to romp around in rabbit-proofed rooms when you’re home.
  7. Rabbits have long life spans compared to other small animals. They can live 10-12 years if provided with a proper diet and care.
  8. Rabbits are heroic. In the wild, rabbits communicate with each other about perceived dangers by thumping their back legs; astute house bunnies will provide you with a similar security system.
  9. Rabbits are great listeners (just look at those ears!). They also make excellent snugglers with their extra-soft fur and loving nature.
  10. Rabbits need homes, too. Perhaps one of the best reasons to adopt a bunny is that there are so many waiting for forever homes. In fact, after dogs and cats, rabbits are the third most abundant adoptable pet, with more than 5,500 listed for adoption on

For those who would like to see the full article, it is available online by following this link.

Sunday’s event also includes guinea pigs as well as rabbits. More information about Bunnies Urgently Needing Shelter and their annual Bunny Festival and Pignic may be found at

Rabbit and guinea pig photo courtesy of Chris P.


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