Bonding rabbits can cause them stress, which may be harmful to their physical as well as psychological health.

We recently heard about bunny people who are using Flower Essences during the bonding process to help keep their rabbits more relaxed. Read more

Canadian Artist Makes Handcrafted Bunny Books

Axel and Abby

Axel and Abby

Through her love of art and storytelling, along with bringing smiles to little faces, Kyla Pawlyshyn has worked over the past year to start up Pippin’s Press & Fine Arts, which launched in October 2015. At the forefront of it all are two aspiring Dutch rabbits, Axel Van Burren and Abigail the Grey, helping out with the creative process. Read more

Could Your Bunny Star on a Cereal Box?

trix cereal rabbitThe makers of Trix cereal have come up with a unique way to publicize the product. They have announced a contest to find a photogenic pet rabbit whose photo will be printed on special boxes. Here is their official announcement… Read more

City living is changing rabbits’ habits

wild european rabbitRabbits that live in an urban setting are not living in the same kind of warrens as those that dwell out in the countryside.  In Europe, wild rabbits seem to be doing better in cities than their “country cousins” in rural settings. Read more

Diet is ultra important for your rabbit

rabbit eatingAnyone who has ever kept a house rabbit knows that their digestion is profoundly important. Rabbits need to eat and poop pretty much continuously. When they stop doing either one, you can be sure that trouble is on the way and corrections must be made soon. Read more

Richard Adams did not intend to write the novel Watership Down. He merely enjoyed telling entertaining stories to his two young daughters while they rode in his car.

In a recent interview published by the Guardian, Alison Flood persuaded the best-selling author to reveal what the sources were that inspired some of the characters he created. Read more

Bunnies in Baskets: Therapy Rabbits Give Comfort

A non-profit group based in Portland, Oregon, brings therapy rabbits to hospitals, senior homes and schools. Bunnies in Baskets was founded by Sarah Baran, and the good work that she, her volunteers and their bunnies do was recently written up in The Oregonian in an article by Monique Balas. Read more

Rabbit cancer prevention tips

park-rabbitNovember is Pet Cancer Awareness Month. What better time to remind rabbit owners that early spaying is highly recommended to prevent uterine and mammary cancer. Read more

watership downIt was more than 40 years ago that Richard Adams wrote what is arguably the best novel about rabbits ever penned, Watership Down. Now, at age 94, when the author was interviewed about his stories, he mused about whether he should not have made them so dark. Read more

San Diego Bunnyfest a Great Success

San Diego’s Balboa park was the scene of a very successful gathering of house rabbit people yesterday. The occasion was Bunnyfest, organized by the House Rabbit Society’s San Diego branch. Read more